VIDEO: Child safety advocate Marc Klaas says he’s relieved with guilty verdict in Sierra LaMar murder trial

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Child safety advocate Marc Klaas has followed the Sierra LaMar murder trial closely.

He helped organize searches for Sierra and attended parts of the trial. And he tells KRON4 he felt relief when the verdict guilty was read.

“I’m satisfied with the verdict because No. 1 I think he is guilty. I think he acted alone,” Klaas said. “I think the idea that she is alive and out there is absolutely preposterous.“

Klaas has dedicated his life after his daughter Polly’s death to advocate for ways to help prevent similar kidnap and murder crimes.

He has been in the shoes of the LaMar family. In 1993, he felt the panic over a missing child. And he felt the agony of a police search.

And he went through an exhausting trial filled with gruesome details of a child’s death.

“The family wants to bring their daughter home,” Klaas said. “That is what they want more than anything right now.”

Polly’s body was found. Sierra’s is still missing.

With a guilty verdict, Klaas hopes Antolin Garcia-Torres reveals the location of her body.

And he said he hopes that the district attorney pushes hard for that information.

“I believe now they are in a position to maybe bargain for her remains because the death penalty is very much on the table still,” Klaas said.

He’s happy the LaMars got the verdict they wanted after two days of deliberations.

“They got the resolution that they needed to get today,” Klaas said.

The verdict does bring closure but it does not bring loved ones back.

The LaMar’s will now adjust to a new normal just like he has.

“I mean I could tell you that it is never over,” Klaas said. “I am 23, 24 years down the line on our situation, and I think about my child every single day.”



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