Jury will move to penalty phase in Sierra LaMar case

SANTA CLARA COUNTY (KRON) — Antolin Garcia-Torres could be sentenced to death after being found guilty of the kidnapping and murder of Morgan Hill teenager Sierra LaMar.

However, it’s been years since the State of California has actually executed a prisoner.

The last execution at California’s San Quentin prison was in January 2006 when Clarence Ray Allen was put to death.

That same year, a federal judge put the three-drug lethal injection process on hold, and there hasn’t been an execution since.

Passions on both sides of the issue remain strong

Currently, there are 728 men on death row at San Quentin prison. Another 20 women are on death row at a Central California women’s facility in Chowchilla.

This past November, voters approved Prop 66, which was meant to streamline the process and get the death penalty going again.

But that has been put on hold and its constitutionality is set to be reviewed by the California Supreme Court later this year.




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