Complaints of bullying after girl attacked at Vallejo school

VALLEJO (KRON)–More parents are coming forward with concerns that their children are being bullied at a Vallejo middle school after the attack on a special needs girl was posted online.

The beating happened at Solano Middle School and the video was posted to Youtube.

It was watched more than 600 times but has since been removed from the site.

The mother of the victim, Emma Simms, said she transferred her daughter to Solano Middle School to make sure her educational needs were met.

Simms said her daughter is in constant fear since the attack.

“I need for her to be safe and feel safe,” she said. “Ya know, she’s like looking over her shoulder. I’m like, ‘What’s the matter?’ ‘She’s outside. Can you walk me to class?'”

Since the story aired, Simms said she realized her daughter isn’t the only child being bullied at the school.

One parent who recognized Simms from TV stopped her. The parent revealed that her daughter was also bullied and lost two teeth as a result.

Another parent contacted KRON4 and said her daughter was bullied so badly that she was forced to take her out of the school.

KRON4’s Lydia Pantazes said a spokeswoman for the Vallejo City Unified School District returned calls and messages during after hours, but she has yet to address the bullying incident.



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