VIDEO: Draymond Green calls out ESPN, media for chasing controversial headlines

OAKLAND (KRON) — Golden State Warriors’ Draymond Green called out ESPN and the media for their headlines Wednesday after practice.

Recently, Green made headlines for calling the Cleveland Cavaliers postseason “boring.” However, Green wasn’t happy with the way his comments were covered and felt that the media was just trying to be controversial.

When asked about those recent comments, Green compared ESPN to “a controversial reality TV show” who’s always “chasing a headline.”

“I didn’t say I was disappointed with their competition. First off, people always want to take a piece of a statement and then say, ‘Ah man, Draymond said the Cavs aren’t playing anybody.’ They never say, ‘Draymond said Cleveland is playing great basketball.’ Everybody is always chasing a headline, the controversy. Watching ESPN is like watching a controversial reality TV show. It’s pretty pathetic that that’s what the headline everybody wants. You know, ‘Draymond is disappointed with who Cleveland plays. Did I care who Cleveland plays or how the other team plays? But I am a basketball fan and I know what I want to watch as a basketball fan so I don’t understand how all these things are always made so controversial….So there goes ya’ll headline of the day: Draymond says Cleveland is playing great basketball.”



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