VIDEO: East Bay high school coach who broke up fight could lose his job


PLEASANT HILL (KRON) — A school coach stepped in to stop a fight at a Pleasant Hill high school, but now, students are worried that the administrator could be the one in big trouble.

It happened at College Park High School and it was caught on camera.

KRON4 blurred the faces of the teens in the video.

According to witnesses, this happened after a teen brought a stun gun to school.

This all went down during lunch last Monday.

As soon as students heard the teenager threatening a freshman, they called for help.

“If the coach wasn’t there, she most likely would have been attacked,” one unidentified student said.

Captured on video, students say a teenager wearing a blue striped shirt and black tights isn’t a student at College Park High.

But they say she came there with the intent to hurt another student.

“She was just holding in her hand, waving it around,” student Lukas Misenhimer said. “She tried to lunge forward and tase a couple people.”

The girl flaunted the stun gun on social media.

These teens tell KRON4 she had a beef with a freshman over a boy and wanted to settle it.

“She wanted to fight them at some point, but when they didn’t want to fight, she came to school with a taser,” Misenhimer said.

When the administrator stepped in to pacify the situation, he put his hands on the aggressor, and now they believe that may cost him his job.

“From what we’ve heard, he’s had to go to the district a couple of times so–which isn’t good,” student Lincoln Destree said. “He’s been with the district for so long, and he’s a really great guy. And the last thing we’d want is for him to do is leave like that.”

Witnesses believe the coach put himself in harm’s way and could have gotten hurt.

“Personally, I don’t think he did anything wrong,” student Klay Williams said. “He protected us. She had a weapon. He stood up for us.”

KRON4 spoke with police on Wednesday, and KRON4 was told this was dealt with off-campus, but they won’t comment further because the incident involved minors.

KRON4 also reached out to the school district for comment but haven’t heard back.



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