ONLY ON KRON4: Mother delivers baby girl in car during North Bay rush hour traffic


SANTA ROSA (KRON) — Rush hour takes on a whole new meaning.

A mother delivered her baby girl in a car during heavy morning commute traffic along Highway 101.

It’s a story you’ll only see on KRON4.

Just minutes into their drive toward the hospital, baby Kainoa was rushing more than anyone on that early morning work commute, forcing mom to give birth in traffic on Highway 101 near Cotati.

“Pretty much just let nature take its course, and it definitely did that,” mom Victoria Williams said.

Williams is a North Bay doctor who has delivered hundreds of babies but never like this.

Planning for a May Day baby, her due date was pushed up another day.

Last Tuesday she unexpectedly had to deliver her own newborn.

“I got to put my own name on the birth certificate as delivering physician which was pretty cool,” Williams said.

Her first baby took 20 hours to deliver in their previous home.

This time around, Williams wanted her trusted colleagues at Petaluma Health Center to do the job.

They just didn’t make it in time.

Fifteen minutes on the road, baby Kainoa was born inside a moving car in rush hour traffic on Highway 101 near Cotati.

Altogether, the delivery only took 40 minutes.

“We didn’t dilly-dally at home,” Williams said. “We didn’t take our time. We left within 20 minutes. But we weren’t expecting 20 minutes later to have a baby.”

“I think the main take-home point is that labor can go so many different ways. Nature can give us anything,” Williams said.

Mom and dad are happy it all worked out.

Kainoa is a healthy baby girl who at just days old already has quite the story to tell.



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