VIDEO: Police attacked at UC Davis “Picnic Day” brawl, 3 arrested


DAVIS (CNN Newsource) — New video has come out showing an attack on some police officers in Davis.

It happened a few weeks ago during the annual Picnic Day on the UC Davis campus.

The celebration draws tens of thousands of people but this one got rowdy.

And now, there are questions about the officers’ actions which have led to the launch of an internal investigation.

This slow-motion dash cam video gives us a closer look into what really may have happened on the Picnic Day brawl that landed three men behind bars.

“I was thrilled to see it because it really confirms a lot of what I’ve heard from witnesses,” attorney Mark Reichel said.

Reichel says his client did no wrong and even touts him a hero.

“Elijah Williams was actually protecting this woman,” Reichel said.

You see the van pull up to the large crowd and the minute the doors open, multiple fights break out.

Police say they were kicked and punched while displaying their badges and weapons, but according to some witnesses, the officers were in plain clothes and yelling obscenities.

“You got a one, two combination that’s really wrong,” Reichel said. “They run into them and they use profanities, and they don’t identify themselves as officers. It’s only going to escalate.”

Davis police chief Darren Pytel says the video was turned in by a citizen and he hopes more is out there.

“There’s allegations that language was used from the crowd,” Pytel said. “We don’t have any of that yet as evidence. So, for both the internal investigation and criminal investigation, that could be very important evidence.”

The city hired former Sacramento County Sheriff John McGinness to look into the officer’s conduct.

Reichel questions the motive since the city already has an auditor to investigate police misconduct.

“Based on the news reports and the conflicting accounts, we thought it was important in this case to do that,” Pytel said.

The chief says McGinnis has the experience to know if there’s a problem in the department and whether internal changes need to be made.



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