VIDEO: San Francisco moves forward with plans to make city more affordable for teachers


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — San Francisco is moving forward with plans to try to make the city more affordable for teachers.

There are a number of stories of teachers who work in San Francisco having to travel long distances because they have been priced out of the city.

So, the city is spending more than $40 million to create housing for them. In fact, the first project will open up 135 units specifically for teachers.

The city will need to adopt measures which allow them to qualify for affordable housing.

The mayor acknowledges it is time for the city to step up and do something.

“And I think the teachers are kind of saying are you going to keep talking about this,” Ed Lee said. “While story after story about a homeless teacher or ‘me having to leave the school district after obtaining a master’s or Ph.D., and now, I can’t commit to the kids in San Francisco?’ I want that discussion to say let’s build and let’s build for teachers.”

The first project will be in the outer sunset but it could be a while before it is ready.

It needs to be built and officials say it might not be ready until 2022.



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