VIDEO: Texas mom sues T-Mobile after baby’s death


(KRON/CNN) — A Texas mother says problems with T-Mobile’s technology resulted in the death of her 6-month-old baby boy.

Now, months after his death and filing a lawsuit, she has yet to hear from the cell phone company.

The boy died after his babysitter says she tried three times to get through to 911, waiting on hold for more than a half an hour.

Dallas officials said problems with T-Mobile’s service were tying up the city’s call center for hours at a time, and the problem had been going on for months.

“I’m broken. I’m lost,” said Bridget Alex, mother of Brandon Alex. “I have no idea what my next step is because I’m just stuck here reliving this day after day. This has been going on forever, and the first time I heard about it is the night my son died.”

A lawsuit has been filed against T-Mobile and still two months later, the mother is waiting to hear a response from the company.

She says the company has to answer for the role it played in contributing to her son’s death.



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