ONLY ON KRON4: San Jose woman says Fitbit burned her wrist


SAN JOSE (KRON) — A San Jose woman says her wrist was burned by a Fitbit.

She says it happened while she was at work Friday morning. It’s a story you’ll only see on KRON4.

On Friday morning around 10 a.m., Danielle Briseno says she felt a burning sensation on her left wrist underneath her Fitbit.

“I noticed a hot feeling to my wrist and irritation, a little, a little bit of an irritating feeling,” Briseno said. “Shifted the Fitbit up a little, noticed a burn.”

Briseno says she has worn the Fitbit night and day since her husband bought the tracker back in December and has never had issues.

“It came as a shock,” Briseno said. “I’ve had no problems with it. I sleep with it. The only thing I do not do is shower with it. It’s given me no problems whatsoever.”

Her husband immediately contacted Fitbit’s online support service about the alleged burn.

He says a representative called him seemingly shocked by the news and offered a refund for the Fitbit.

“They just were very surprised,” Briseno’s husband Phillip said. “They said…and they wanted to get the Fitbit back to do testing on it. They again were just surprised saying it wasn’t something normal or that it was rare.”

The Brisenos say they just want the company to recall the product until they can pinpoint what may have caused the skin irritation, calling it a public safety concern.

Here is a statement from Fitbit.

Fitbit takes every customer complaint seriously and would like to discuss this report with the customer directly. Based on images and video we received of the device, it appears to be intact with no damage to it. Our medical expert does not believe this is an injury caused by the Fitbit device.



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