VIDEO: Several children sent home sick from South Bay camp

SANTA CRUZ COUNTY (KRON) — Several parents were called to pick up their kids from Camp Campbell in Boulder Creek after many children and adults got sick on Thursday.

The camp is part of the YMCA Silicon Valley.

Parents tell KRON4 that the camp closed for health inspections when children and some of the adults running the program started feeling sick.

Camp representative Elizabeth Jordan spoke to KRON4’s Will Tran.

She says two elementary kids were sick before they got to camp.  As the day moved on, 18 other kids and five adults also came down with an illness that mostly consisted of vomiting.

As a safety procedure, they called the health department to come inspect.

Camp directors decided to cut the overnight science camp short and called the parents to pick up their kids.

The health department has since cleared the Boulder Creek site, and Camp Campbell is open today for activities.

Some of the kids at the camp were from Linda Vista Elementary School in San Jose.

Others, who presumably spread the stomach flu, came from Arroyo Seco Elementary School in Livermore.

One parent says they even took their child to the hospital as a precaution.




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