VIDEO: Girls kissing on San Luis Obispo High School paper causes stir


SAN LUIS OBISPO (KRON) — The May edition of San Luis Obispo High School’s newspaper shows two girls kissing on the front cover.

After it sparked outrage by a former teacher, it also led to positive conversations on campus about support for the LGBT community.

Some students say the cover made them do a double-take, but when a former teacher saw the paper, he wrote a scathing letter to the editor mostly quoting the Bible and it’s condemnation of homosexuality.

The superintendent of the school responded saying both parties have the right to their freedom of speech.

Parents say the issue has brought up a good topic of conversation about acceptance at the school.

“This is a kids paper,” resident Lisa Ritterbuck said. “They’re exploring a lot of different things as they should be at this age and learning a lot.”

“The kids have a lot perspective about it, and I think parents need to realize that kids are a lot smarter than what some parents give them credit for,” parent Kenny McCarthy added. “Hopefully, this will get positive dialogue, learn from this, and move on.”

The superintendent and the principal say public school officials only have the authority to regulate the content of student publications, so that it conforms to professional standards and to ensure the content of the speech is not against the law.



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