VIDEO: Thief ‘ghost rides’ to snatch woman’s purse, spends $5k on stolen credit cards

Courtesy of WFLA

PINELLAS PARK, Fla. (WFLA) — Florida detectives captured a thief after he snatched a woman’s purse, while in a Target parking lot with his car in motion.

Investigators said Matthew Robbins, 31, left his car in drive, while he hopped out and grabbed her belongings.

Police call it ghost riding.

“It’s the first that I’ve heard, certainly over the years we’ve had our share of purse snatchings, but nothing this unique, where the subject actually left their car in motion to do that,” said Sgt. Mike Lynch.

Wednesday, the victim was at the Target on Park Blvd., putting groceries away in her vehicle.

“I put my purse in the car first, thinking I was safe, but obviously had my back to the assailant,” said the victim.

She said she noticed a truck pull up next to her.

Seconds later, she said Robbins hopped out.

“He just came and pushed me out the way and grabbed my purse,” said the victim. “In my purse, as all women know, it’s everything. Just everything and I just panicked, screamed bloody murder.”

Police said Robbins wasted no time swiping the victim’s credit cards. Surveillance cameras captured him at a nearby Walmart.

She said he spent almost $5,000 on gift cards, video games and consoles.

Investigators caught up with Robbins at his home Friday.

The victim said she’s glad he’s behind bars.

“Crime doesn’t pay, you will get caught. You may get away with it today, but it’s going to come back to bite you,” she said.

Robbins is charged with strong armed robbery and seven counts of credit card fraud.



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