ONLY ON KRON4: South Bay grandma scammed out of thousands of dollars

SAN CARLOS (KRON)– A South Bay grandmother was scammed out of $4500 by a man who pretended to be her grandson.

On Thursday morning, Cherelle Bassett received a phone call from a man who posed as her grandson and another man on the line who claimed he was a lawyer representing him.

Together they asked Bassett to buy $4500 in Best Buy gift cards and read them the serial numbers on the back.

The men claimed that no other form of payment would be accepted as bail money.

The caller urged her not to tell anyone he was in trouble.

Bassett eventually caved and bought $4500 worth of gift cards.

She called her daughter to allude everything was fine with the grandson and pretended he was with her.

The victim’s daughter, Krissy Mangiola, knew something was off.

“I thought she was having a stroke because she had called and said she had my son in her possession and I had just picked him up from school,” Mangiola said.

Bassett soon found out that she had been scammed.

According to consumer experts, the phone is a common weapon used against elderly people who continue to fall prey to scam callers.

“I think it’s pretty cruel,” said Bassett. “…They should be out getting a real job. Rather than sitting around trying to scam old people.”

She filed a police report with the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office and her family contacted Best Buy in hopes of getting the money back.



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