Driver’s dashcam captures trees falling like ‘dominoes’

(KRON) A West Virginia man’s new dashcam captured amazing pictures of trees falling like ‘dominoes’ on top of his pickup truck.

Ronald Wiley was cruising along a Lincoln County highway last Friday evening when the bank above him gave way “seven trees tangled up all together. One was across the windshield and one was across the top of the cab.”

Wiley says “it happened so fast.”

His pickup truck sustained only minor damage, a broken windshield wiper and busted grill.

This was not the first time Wiley had a close encounter with a falling tree “years ago on a four wheeler. me and my cousin we was riding a 4-wheeler and a tree fell right in between us. The branches barely got him as he went by, and I locked them up and slid right into it. I sent him a message and sent him the video and asked him if that reminded him of anything.”




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