VIDEO: Southern California man killed after crashing into fire hydrant, 2 businesses at high speeds


CANOGA PARK, California (KRON/CNN Newsource) — A deadly high-speed crash was caught on surveillance camera in Southern California when a car lost control, took out a fire hydrant, and smashed into two business.

Officials estimate the 21-year-old driver was going about 75 miles per hour. He was killed on impact.

The hydrant split the car in two, throwing one side into the road and the other side into businesses that were closed at the time.

Neighbors say people drive way too fast along this street, and they are devastated another life was lost.

“…We have about an accident at least once a week,” resident Tasha Irwing said. “People just use it as their own speedway.”

Witnesses report seeing the car moments before the crash, speeding and driving out of control.

Los Angeles police investigators say they believe speed and alcohol were factors in the deadly wreck.



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