Texas man sues date for texting during movie

TEXAS (KRON)– A first date went terribly wrong for a Texas man and he filed a complaint in a small claims court.

Brandon Vezmar,37, is demanding a refund of $17.31 because his date was texting the whole time.

Vezmar took the woman to see “Guardians of the Galaxy,” and he said the woman was on her phone for most of the movie.

The woman said her best friend was having a personal issue and needed help.

Later, Vezmar texted the woman asking her to reimburse him for the cost of the movie ticket, but she refused.

He filed a petition at a small claims court and said the woman’s texting was a direct violation of the policy at the theater and his experience was affected by it.

Vezmar said the damages sought are modest and wants the woman to know her behavior was a threat to civilized society.






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