VIDEO: 18 students suspended in Las Vegas middle school ‘fight club’


LAS VEGAS (KRON) —¬†Over a dozen students have been suspended after a school administrator found them all involved in a “fight club” at a Las Vegas middle school.

The kids were reportedly also placing bets on who would win.

Videos are and were being shared on Snapchat and Instagram.

On those social media sites, students organizing would ask classmates if he or she wanted to fight, and if they said yes, They would arrange it.

They started organizing fights before and after school in a campus bathroom.

The fights were filmed and bets were placed for as little as $5.

One rule was no hits to the face, only body blows, so they could conceal the injuries and the flight club.

Parents say they had no idea this was going on.

At least 18 kids have been suspended.

And it’s not just the ones fighting–also some recording or even watching the fights are in big trouble.

Nobody was seriously hurt.

The investigation is ongoing, and police are looking into possible criminal charges.



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