VIDEO: Danville creates safe zone for Craigslist transactions


DANVILLE (KRON) — There is a new safe exchange zone in Danville.

With more and more people turning to internet sites like Craigslist to buy items directly from private sellers, the exchange zone now serves as a safe location to make those transactions.

“We are trying to give the community another option when they do internet transactions or if they do any kind of custody exchange or if they do any type of custody exchange,” Danville police Sgt. Mark Johnson said. “We want to give the citizens a safe place to meet. It’s at the police department parking lot and the area is recorded 24 hours a day, 7-days a week. So, we want to give them a safe place to actually meet somebody maybe they don’t know or maybe aren’t sure about.”

Although the exchange zone is located in the Danville police parking lot, city employees will not act as witnesses to any transactions, nor give any legal advice or settle any disputes that may arise during or after any exchange.



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