VIDEO: Stockton mother says barber’s dirty tools gave her son a scalp infection


STOCKTON (KRON/KTXL) — A Northern California mother claims a barber’s dirty tools gave her son a scalp infection.

Now, she’s filed a complaint.

She claims her 7-year-old son got a haircut three months ago at the Exclusive Barber Shop inside the Sherwood Mall in Stockton.

At the time, the boy complained the barber hurt his head.

Days later, a bump formed. Now, he has six patches on his scalp.

Doctors say it’s folliculitis, a severe infection that can cause permanent hair loss and scarring.

“His hair is not getting any better, and I just think that I have to do something about it because other parents need to be aware of salons, barbershops, nail shops, anything like that,” mother Princess Redic said. “Like they need to clean their tools in front of you.”

On Tuesday, the boy’s mom filed a complaint against the barbershop through the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology.

Because of board regulations, they can’t disclose if a complaint was filed, but they do say all complaints are thoroughly looked into.

The City of Stockton says Exclusive Barber Shop’s business license is currently in the review process.



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