VIDEO: Group of Arizona children walking home from school encounter creepy clown


GLENDALE, Arizona (KRON) — A group of kids walking home from school in Arizona say a clown armed with an ax turned their everyday routine into a scene from a horror film.

Police say a man reportedly dressed like a creepy clown has been terrorizing the area of Glendale. The most recent report came from a group of kids who say the clown chased them.

They say they ran for their lives.

And the incident has left them, their parents, and the community terrified.

“I turned around, and all of a sudden, I see a clown go by and then he just starts running at me,” a boy named Dominic said.

“He said, ‘You better run because we are coming after you,’ so I’m like, ‘Go. Go. Everybody,'” Ruben Moody added.

The kids made it safely to their apartments and called the police.

Officers later found this mask and a full-size ax with its handle cut short in a field nearby.

They tweeted out the pictures along with a warning to the community.

They say it might be a sick joke but the man might be trying to hurt people–and he is still out there.




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