VIDEO: San Francisco police arrest alleged car burglar after witnesses spot him


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — San Francisco police were able to track down and arrest an alleged car burglar after he was spotted by witnesses at the scene of his latest crime.

Photos of the suspect vehicle, provided by those witnesses, led police to the city’s Bayview District where 26-year-old Marcus Tyson was identified as the driver.

Officers say Tyson was driving in a silver Honda Accord. They say he was searching for unoccupied vehicles to break into.

“There are times where the suspects are actually driving into an area, kind of scouring to see what they can find,” police spokeswoman Giselle Talkoff said. “And then they will maybe park a little bit of a distance away get to some vehicles, and return to their vehicle. That way they can get out of the area fast.” 

Police arrested Tyson and booked him on charges of burglary and also discovered he had an outstanding warrant.

After searching his vehicle, officers found a loaded Glock handgun.

Officers are now looking to see if any other incidents involving the vehicle have been reported.



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