VIDEO: San Francisco Uber driver, father has been missing since Mother’s Day


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — A San Francisco family is desperately searching for a father and husband who’s been missing for nearly four days.

The man who is a driver for Uber vanished without a trace on Mother’s Day and hasn’t been seen since. KRON4 spoke to his heartbroken wife on Thursday.

The family is racking their brains, organizing searches trying to find Piseth Chhay.

One of their working theories is he might have been returning a phone to an Uber rider who left it behind. And in the process, he might have gotten caught in some danger.

A dedicated husband of 20-plus years and a father of two young boys, Chhay is described by his family as a hard worker, a family man, someone you can count on for help.

But the 48-year-old hasn’t been home to help in four days and his family is worried sick.

“My biggest fear is that he never come home,” wife Rattana Kim said. “That we’ll never see him again. That my son is losing their daddy. That my son never gonna see their daddy again. That’s hard when you go somewhere in the park and you see the father with the kids and here’s my kids, no daddy. And that is hurting very, very deeply. I cry but I don’t want them to see me crying. I want to be strong for them. It is so hard to stop crying.”

Chhay went on a Mother’s Day hike with his loved ones on Sunday. That afternoon, he left the house in his Mercedes SUV to help a friend.

His wife came home from her night job as a nurse and was shocked to see he wasn’t home.

“He might be hurt, and we don’t know, and he might be somewhere and he couldn’t get out,” Kim said. “And my son ask every day, every day, ‘When is daddy coming home?’ When I pick them up from school, ‘Do we have good news today? Did you hear anything?'”

Kim met her husband 24 years ago in college up in Northern California. Both are refugees from Cambodia.

They’ve shared more than a lifetime of experiences together. She says she can’t imagine life without him.

And neither can their two young sons, who ask for their father every day.

“We working so hard looking for daddy,” Kim said. “We will bring daddy home. Everybody loves daddy, and everybody is looking for daddy, so don’t you worry, daddy will be home. That’s all I can do.”

San Francisco police say they’re investigating the case.

We also reached out to Uber. The company tells KRON4 that the last time Chhay logged into the app was late Saturday into Sunday morning, so they aren’t able to track his whereabouts after that.

However, they say they’ve given police everything they’ve asked for to help with the investigation.



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