Report: Social media bad for young people’s mental health

LONDON, England (KRON/CNN) — Speaking of Twitter, a health warning is going out about people who love social media.

A new report from Britain’s Society for Public Health says many popular media sites can actually be detrimental to young people’s mental health.

Topping the list is Instagram.

Researchers say it can make young women feel pressure about body image, forcing them to seek unrealistic goals of perfection.

Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter were also criticized for impacting the health and wellbeing of users between the ages of 14 to 24.

But the researchers did praise YouTube as the one social media giant to demonstrate a positive impact on youth mental health.

The study encourages young people to take a break from spending too much time on social media.

A pop-up warning to alert users the users they’ve spent too much time online is part of one of the recommendations.



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