VIDEO: Artist sketches digital caricatures of BART riders


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Most people riding BART these days pass the time on their phone.

But rather than texting or going on social media, Hamilton Cline uses his phone to sketch caricatures other riders.

Cline teaches computer programming at San Francisco’s Academy of Art.

But his knack for drawing goes back to one of his first forms of employment–working as a caricature artist at different theme parks.

He began his BART sketches on paper. As technology advanced, he transitioned to digital art.

“I chose somebody that looks interesting, got to look interesting, but secondly, I look for somebody that isn’t moving too much and generally these days that’s somebody on their phone,” Cline said. I usually have about 15 minutes or 20 minutes on the BART.”

After years of commuting, Cline has amassed a large portfolio.

He says working digitally allows him to sketch faster.

Over the years, Cline has says he has accumulated thousands of caricatures.



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