VIDEO: Florida couple demands answers after claiming sheriff humiliated them on social media


PASCO COUNTY (KRON/CNN) — A couple is demanding answers after they claim the county sheriff humiliated them on social media.

It was an accident that proved pretty humiliating for the couple. So much so that even though they’re speaking out, they’re not showing their faces.

The young couple from Florida was trying to have a baby through artificial insemination.

Apparently, the dry ice thermos containing vials of sperm blew up in their fridge, essentially becoming a bomb.

They called the local sheriff and immediately regretted it after seeing a post by the sheriff’s department on social media, plus a stock photo of a disgusted woman.

“I feel like I’m being mocked for it now,” said the woman, who did not want to be identified. “We weren’t even telling our family. It was something my husband and I were keeping between ourselves. Hurt, disgusted, shocked. I just feel like the post lacks professionalism.”

Many on Friday night are firing back online, questioning the sheriff’s decision to post the story and that picture of a disgusted woman.

The couple meanwhile says if they ever had to face an exploding thermos of body fluid again, they’d figure out a way to handle it by themselves.



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