VIDEO: Giants installing barriers outside AT&T Park to protect fans, pedestrians


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — The San Francisco Giants have quietly been installing barriers around Willie Mays Plaza to protect fans and other pedestrians.

A spokeswoman for the team says the decision to take this precautionary measure is not tied to any specific threat.

“Everything is obviously precautionary,” Shana Daum said. “This is a fun environment. We want this to be a fun environment but we also want it to be a safe environment.”

Steel and concrete posts, or bollards, are going in-and-around Willie Mays Plaza at AT&T Park.

The idea is to protect the 41,000 fans who attend home games and all of the other people who walk on the busy streets just in case someone in a car tries to drive up onto the sidewalk.

It is an act that’s made headlines. Just this week, one person was killed and dozens were injured in New York City’s Times Square by an alleged drugged and homicidal driver.

There have been several other high-profile terrorist attacks involving vehicles mowing down crowds in Stockholm, London, Berlin, and Nice.

But the Giants say the idea to install these bollards was not linked to any one single one of these incidents.

“It’s the world that we live in, unfortunately,” Daum said. “These days, we are all so much more mindful of the safety precautions that we take.”

Those out in front of the ballpark on Friday think it’s a good idea.

“I mean, obviously safety is first, especially if you have lots of crowds coming in for baseball games,” baseball fan Derek Barnhart said. “That’s got to be the No. 1 priority.”

“…It’s great,” Giants fan Marsha Wescott added. “I think it also helps control, helps control the lines into the ballpark. That’s awesome because it’s already a mess, so just kind of help cleaning things up a little bit, so you have a smoother transition to the game and can enjoy your time a little bit better.”

They began installing these bollards back in April, but they’re not done yet.

There will be more of them as well as some cement planters, lining along King Street as well as Third Street.

They have to do the installations in between home games and events, so they are hoping to have them all installed by the end of the year.



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