VIDEO: Vallejo residents say home burglaries, car thefts are on the rise


VALLEJO (KRON) — Neighbors say a troubling trend is developing in Vallejo.

In recent months, people living there say home burglaries and car thefts continue to rise.

And they tell KRON4 they only see the problem getting worse. There is a mounting frustration for neighbors living in the Vallejo Hills off Columbus Parkway.

One man woke up last Sunday morning reviewed his surveillance video and became alarmed when he saw this–what appears to be three hooded teenagers or young men trying to break into his car.

Fortunately, the car was locked and the suspects didn’t get away with anything. But the same can’t be said for the rest of the community.

Over the weekend, there were at least 15 auto thefts or burglaries.

“I believe that they’re watching the neighborhood,” said one victim, who did not want to reveal his name to KRON4.

The man says his car was stolen a month ago off Knights Circle.

He turned his car on in the morning, went back inside to grab his bike for a workout, and the car was no longer in the driveway when he returned.

“It was that quick,” he said. 

He says his car was eventually found in Sacramento.

And so far, no arrests have been made.

“I mean, even though you have a camera, they’re not–they don’t really care about the camera, so they’re not too scared,” the man said.

Retired San Quentin State Prison Correctional Officer Darleen Henley lives around the corner.

And she says her car was stolen from outside her house on her birthday.

“And my neighbor, they got their house broken into approximately six months ago, and the son and aunt (were) at the house, and it was very scary for them,” Henley said.

Darleen says the thieves are not intimidated by the neighborhood watch signs.

Often, she says the criminals steal cars, dump them in her neighborhood, and steal more. And they say getting an immediate and thorough police response is difficult.

“Back in the day, it, you know, we used to know our officer’s name, you know…we could have some kind of relationship,” Henley said.

But those days are long gone, she says.

“Hopefully, these people get caught,” the man said. “I mean, people are getting tired of it.”

Neighbors just hope the burglars take their act somewhere else.



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