Authorities: Antioch man dies in Sacramento-area botulism outbreak from nacho-cheese

Martin Galindo-Larios Jr (GoFundMe)


SACRAMENTO (KRON) — Authorities say an Antioch man is dead in an apparent botulism outbreak stemming from nacho-cheese dip sold at a gas station this month.

Health officials on Monday confirmed one death among what the state says is 10 people sickened by the cheese dip.

Martin Galindo-Larios Jr., 37, died Thursday.

According to a GoFundMe page, Galindo-Larios Jr. became ill around the beginning of May when nacho cheese sauce was being sold at a Sacramento-area gas station.

California health officials say the illnesses appear caused by botulism carried in nacho-cheese dip sold at a gas station in the Sacramento suburb of Walnut Grove.

The cheese sauce was being sold at the Valley Oak Food & Fuel gas station in Walnut Grove.

Authorities said Friday all 10 people sickened were hospitalized.

In total, 10 statewide cases of botulism from four counties have been reported to the California Department of Health in this outbreak, state health officials said Monday.

The cheese sauce was removed from sale on May 5, according to state health officials.

Health officials believe there is no further risk to the public. Galindo-Larios Jr. is the only death reported in the botulism outbreak.

Botulism is fatal in about five percent of cases. The illness can be treated with an antitoxin and supportive care, usually in an intensive care unit.

Galindo-Larios Jr. leaves behind a wife and two children.

The GoFundMe page can be found at

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