HILARIOUS VIDEO: Dog sneaks into store, steals bread


BAKERSFIELD (KGET) — It was a Wednesday night like any other at the Dollar General store until…

“This dog came in and he was really friendly, looking around,” said Abby Lopez, a Dollar General employee. “Next thing we know, he grabs a loaf of bread and starts running around with Steven,” continued Lopez.

The canine caper caught on camera.

Video shows the suspect struggle over a loaf of bread with a Dollar General employee, Steven.

The hungry husky went for the Wonder Bread, close to the ground soft to the bite, but fled after being caught red-pawed, narrowly escaping.

But the next day? Collared.

“They end up getting greedy, which is why they get caught, and unfortunately in this case, the culprits were apprehended,” said Riddick.

The original “Bonnie Barker” – let’s say – had an accomplice, and the two returned the next day only to be apprehended.

Two beautiful huskies, with no tags or id’s, sent to the slammer — rather the Shafter Animal Shelter.

But fear not.

“They will be held for the requisite time period after which point we will certify them good for adoption and they will most likely be put up for adoption,” said Riddick.

They may be bread-crusted criminals. But they’re still man’s best friends.

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