Mugshot: Man accused of dousing people in gasoline, attempting to light fire at Hayward Denny’s


HAYWARD (KRON) — Monday morning police released a mugshot of the man accuse of dousing several patrons of a restaurant in Hayward with gasoline, then attempting to light a fire.

Last Wednesday, around 9:54 a.m., police received a report of the incident at Denny’s restaurant at 30163 Industrial Blvd., according to Hayward police Sgt. Ruben Pola.

Pola said the suspect, 43-year-old Victor Rubio of Union City, allegedly put gasoline on several restaurant patrons and the restaurant floor, then tried to light the floor on fire.

Restaurant patrons intervened and held him down before a fire could be started.

The suspect briefly escaped but was soon arrested by Hayward Police. His name has not yet been released.

No injuries were reported, Pola said.



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