VIDEO: First Lady Melania Trump seen swatting president’s hand away in Israel


TEL AVIV, Israel (KRON) — The Israeli prime minister and his wife rolled out the red carpet for President Trump and First Lady Melania, but one moment stood out–a flick of the wrist seen around the world.


The internet is buzzing about a little hand swat that seems to be grabbing the limelight–at least for the moment.

You can see the Trumps and the Netanyahus at the airport walking the red carpet, and the president seems to reach for his wife’s hand.

But instead of holding hands, the first lady appears to swat her husband’s hand away with a visible flick of her wrist.

It’s unclear what caused the swat, maybe a pesky bug, or a signal to mind diplomatic protocol.

At any rate, the White House isn’t commenting, but the video clip is already a viral sensation.

The tweet is being retweeted tens of thousands of times and you can only imagine some of the comments.



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