Lake County sheriff’s deputies arrest three men for allegedly having child pornography

Daniel Wood (left), Jose Mendoza (center), Scott Davis (right)

LAKE COUNTY (KRON) — Sheriff’s deputies in Lake County arrested three men for allegedly having child pornography, according to Lt. Steve Brooks.

Deputies said they conducted three investigations into suspects having child porn, collecting tens of thousands of illegal images and movies.

“During these investigations numerous search warrants were authored by Detectives searching residences, electronic devices and electronic service providers. Detectives spent numerous hours conducting these investigations and examining the evidence collected,” Lt. Brooks said.

Authorities arrested their first suspect on Apr. 19. They said they initially arrested 35-year-old Daniel Wood, of Middletown, for a parole violation but later learned that he had child porn.

The second arrest came on Apr. 30. Forty-four-year-old Scott Davis, of Clearlake Oaks, was also arrested for allegedly having child pornography.

The most-recent arrest came on May 18. A 24-year-old man, Jose Mendoza, of Upper Lake, also allegedly possessed child pornography.

All three suspects are still in custody, deputies said.

All of the cases appear to be unrelated.



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