VIDEO: District decides to close an Alameda elementary school after this year over earthquake dangers

ALAMEDA (KRON) — The school district for an East Bay school has decided to close the school’s doors after the year is out.

The decision came just after 10 p.m. on Tuesday.

Structural engineers discovered the soil under Lum Elementary School in Alameda may not be strong enough to withstand an earthquake.

Parents and students were fighting hard to keep it open.

In a meeting at Alameda City Hall, parents aren’t denying that the facts are true…that it may collapse. But they believe Lum Elementary can be retrofitted while students continue to attend school there.

Parents and students from Lum Elementary protested outside City Hall Tuesday evening, while the school board listened to testimonies inside.

The chamber was packed, and so was the overflow room.

Parents believe there are options to keep the school open while working on its stability.

“What they haven’t done is (find) out if there are other options to retrofit. We have an engineer, Callen Smith, who says there are options to retrofit to keep kids in the school while they retrofit the school and make it safer,” parent Sahru Keiser said.

Parents were notified last month that the school may close after it was discovered that the soil the school sits on was subject to liquefaction.

Basically, the soil would loosen and act as a liquid, leading the building to collapse during an earthquake.

Students that have been attending school since kindergarten aren’t ready to leave just yet.

“At first, I didn’t believe it, but then I was very shocked,” one girl said. “A lot of my classmates cried, and it’s really distressing.”

“I think it’s about perseverance,” a boy said.

The district has assured teachers and staff will be placed at other schools.



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