VIDEO: Botulism death reported in Napa County

NAPA COUNTY (KRON) — Health officials are investigating a botulism death in Napa County, Napa County health officials confirmed Wednesday.

The person died within the last month but no further details are being released about the victim.

This is the second botulism death in Northern California in the last month.

This death is not related to the botulism outbreak that stemmed from tainted nacho cheese from a Sacramento-area gas station.

Health officials said that the case is iosolated and that there is no threat to the public.

The cause of the botulism is still being investigated.

Martin Galindo-Larios Jr., 37, of Antioch died on May 18 after he fell ill from eating nacho cheese from a Walnut Grove gas station.

10 other people were also sickened from the nacho cheese-botulism outbreak.

CDC officials say that the toxin cannot be seen or smelled but even a small amount can be deadly.

Some symptoms of botulism include blurry or double vision, nausea, drooping eyelids or muscle weakness.

It is possible for patients to recover from botulism but doctors say it could take weeks or even months.

Further details are unavailable at this time.

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