VIDEO: Antioch family’s home trashed while they were away, racial slur written on wall


ANTIOCH (KRON) — An Antioch family is trying to figure out why someone would trash their home while they were away and scrawl slurs on their wall.

The family says they are upset and confused, and they are traumatized by the experience.

“Yeah, they took a knife, just slashed all of our couches,” said the mother, who did not want to be identified for fear of retaliation.

KRON4 talked with the family about how they came home the other day and found their house ransacked.

“And it was Mother’s Day. We went to church. Then, I went with my sister. Come home, and I come home to this,” the mother said.

Besides slashing the couches, the kitchen was a mess.

“All of our food was on the floor. It was found on the floor. Our cabinets all were open, and just everything out of there,” the mother said.

And on the wall, in their living room, there was a racial slur.

It has now been painted over, but it is still painful.

“It was very hurtful,” the mother said. “(My son), he cried all night long. Why did somebody do this to our house?”

Her daughter is extremely upset as well.

“Like I said, that’s hurtful to my kids because, you know, they’re half black as well,” the mother said.

In addition to all that, the televisions are now busted, tossed around, as you can see in these pictures. 

“…All of our TVs were just thrown on the ground. They don’t work at all,” the mother said.

The mom says they have lived in the area for four years and everyone gets along.

For now, they are working with the police.

“I just hope they get caught,” the mother said.



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