VIDEO: Pigeons shot by blow darts in San Francisco


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — There have been multiple reports of a disturbing sight in San Francisco’s Castro and Mission districts.

Pigeons have been spotted who appear to have been shot with blow darts. One pigeon was pierced through the head and survived.

There have been several photos showing the bird and others on the website Reddit.

One person on the website claims to have seen at least three wounded birds in recent weeks.

KRON4 talked to the person who shot a photo of the injured bird earlier this month.

“It’s very disappointing,” witness Ange Morias said. “Even though pigeons are my least favorite animal, I’m totally a city person, and I’ve learned how to live with them. And who would do that to a helpless animal?”

San Francisco Animal Control says they’ve been called to the area several times on reports of people seeing an injured pigeon but so far have been unable to catch any of the birds.

A person found responsible for shooting the birds could be charged with animal cruelty.



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