“Resist” advertisements appear across California

(CNN) — A new advertising campaign is getting attention in California.

The state-wide initiative includes everything from small posters to bus stop ads to billboards.

The message is seen on more than 100 locations across the state and pushes a message that is uniquely Californian.

“So, the idea of resisting something that attacks you, people you care about, or things that are in the interest of your state, the health of your state, you should speak up get loud,” said Daniel Zingale, Senior Vice-President of California Endowment.

Zingale is the Senior Vice President with California Endowment, the group behind the new campaign.

“This campaign is about encouraging all Californians to make sure their voice is heard. That our voice is heard in Washington. That our voice is heard here in the capital in Sacramento,” Zingale continued.

He says the aim of the billboards is to promote California values, regardless of political party or affiliation, the values that make California the powerhouse that it is today.

The word “resist” appears in multiple languages, a testament to the state’s diversity.

He says the campaign seems to be working.

“We hear that this campaign is helping to encourage people to show up at town halls, ask these questions, and as we like to say, stay loud,” Zingale said.

California Endowment, which also funds the advertising initiative, is a non-profit that gives monetary grants to groups involved with communication and health education.



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