It’s 2017: Time for baseball to change those underground rules


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — If I can’t get you out, I will hit you with a 98 mile per hour fastball.

Such is the position Hunter Strickland took Memorial Day against Washington Nationals star Bryce Harper.

Baseball players have long memories as Strickland remembered the two home runs Harper hit off him in the 2014 playoffs.

Want to get even? What’s the matter with striking out Harper?

Coast to coast, fans are questioning Buster Posey for not becoming involved in the subsequent brawl. How about Posey is too smart to get involved in a stupid selfish act.

The old days of, ‘Yes, I’m sticking up for my teammates,’ seemed to be ignored by those in the Giants Organization. Good!

The sooner baseball players get away from these old unwritten rules the better.

One day, a wild fastballing youngster is going to hit a batter in the head and he’s not going to get up.

Hopefully, that’s not what it will take to make a change for the better here in 2017.



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