Tech Report: How much are NBA Final tickets?

OAKLAND (KRON) — This Thursday and Sunday the Warriors take on the Cavaliers at Oracle Arena in Oakland for Game One and Two of the NBA Finals.

If attending an NBA Championship game is on your bucket list, now is the time.

If you just want to get in the door, for the experience, and you’re okay way up in the rafters, you can find tickets under $500.

The official Warriors website, which uses Ticketmaster, has the cheapest seats right now.

For decent seats, mid-level, there’s quite a range. Sitting behind a basket is running around $800 a ticket. For a better center court in mid-level, tickets range between $2,000 – $5,000.

Be careful out there shopping. This is what a real 2017 NBA championship game ticket looks like:

As always, these big games bring out a lot of scammers trying to unload fake tickets.

“People go to these third party sites and when they do there is about a 2% chance that the tickets won’t scan,” said Brandon Schneider.

Schneider, Vice President of Business Development for the Warriors, says during the regular season between 30 and 40 fans a game, are turned away for presenting counterfeit tickets.

That number is expected to double, or triple, with the finals.

He recommends buying tickets through the Warriors’ official website.

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