VIDEO: BART altercation caught on camera not reported to police


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — KRON4 has obtained new video Tuesday night of a tense situation on a BART train.

The people involved came close to throwing blows.

It is just the latest incident on BART, which has been plagued by crime in recent weeks.

In the video, police are nowhere to be found as the situation escalates.

So, KRON4 is looking into what you need to know if something like this happens when you are on BART.

According to BART, this particular incident was not reported to police. But officials say it is important for people to report crimes if they believe they’ve been victimized.

It isn’t clear what started this altercation, but it quickly got out of control.

A passenger managed to record the altercation. At one point, two women stepped in to break it up.

But the two parties were still going at it as racial slurs were thrown out back and forth.

“I’m immune now,” BART rider Delia Martin said. “Before I’d get scared, but not anymore.”

Here are some steps BART officials suggest riders take if there’s an incident: You can also change cars, reach out to BART police on your cell phone, or the BART-watch app. You can even use the intercom inside the car.

“I think that BART should do something to make sure that responses to situations like this is a lot quicker,” rider Mario Brown said.

“Like any major city, you’re gonna have bad people, and you’re gonna have good people,” another rider Mookie Flora said.

BART officials are looking into what happened.

KRON4 is told there are cameras installed in all but two dozen of their rail cars.

By the end of next month, all train cars are expected to have working cameras.



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