VIDEO: BART plagued by car burglaries, 12 occur in 24 hours

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) –Twelve car burglaries happened Monday at various BART stations across the Bay Area.

The Millbrae Station was hit the hardest with nine burglaries in the 24-hour span.

One car burglary was reported at the Colma Station.

El Cerrito Del Norte Station had one car burglary and a red Toyota Corolla was also stolen from the parking lot.

Police are still looking for the stolen vehicle.

KRON4’s Will Tran is at the Millbrae station providing updates throughout the morning.

He says BART is looking through the surveillance footage from the parking garage to figure out who did this and how it happened.

These burglaries are happening despite the fact that BART has stepped up patrols since the mob of teens ran through a Coliseum BART train, robbing and beating passengers.



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