VIDEO: Board votes to install lights at San Marin High School athletic fields


NOVATO (KRON) — Hundreds of parents and students have packed into the gym at San Marin High School for a special school board meeting on Tuesday night, as the board voted to install lights on its athletic fields.

Public comments were being made Tuesday night. While a majority of those liked to see lights, there were some who strongly opposed the idea.

Many of the sports teams at San Marin High School showed up to the meeting. $1.2 million will be spent on putting up these lights.

The latest they would stay on is until 9 p.m. for football games.


Many who are at the meeting like the idea of their kids playing under the lights, but neighbors in the area are fearful of light pollution and disrupting an environment that has been without lights for 50 years.

Those same people believe that money should be spent in the classroom, not on the sports fields.

On Tuesday, those in the community were giving public comment to the school board.



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