VIDEO: CHP rescues South Lake Tahoe hiker who fell 30 feet

EL DORADO (KRON) — A California Highway Patrol rescue team helped save a South Lake Tahoe hiker who nearly fell to her death, according to KRON4’s affiliate KCRA.

Authorities say the woman lost her footing while shoring up a dog and tumbled 30 feet before she was rescued by helicopter.

Michelle Powell was out with her boyfriend and a dog in the Sierra near South Lake Tahoe Sunday when he gave the dog a boost onto a ledge.

The California Highway Patrol said the dog started sliding back, at which point Powell tried to push the dog up. She lost her balance, fell backward and tumbled 30 feet.

Her boyfriend used his cell phone to call for help. Highway patrol officers used a helicopter to rescue Powell.

CHP flew her to a hospital where she was treated for injuries. The boyfriend and dog, both uninjured, hiked out.



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