VIDEO: Documents reveal issues with Dublin water ride before boy thrown from slide

DUBLIN (KRON) — A child took a terrible tumble off a brand new water slide Saturday in the East Bay, and on Tuesday night, there are questions as to whether the slide should have ever opened.

KRON4 dug deeper into what happened at The Wave water park in Dublin.

That boy is OK, but an investigation is underway to figure out why the boy did not have a smooth landing as he came down the three-story slide.

The water slide will remain closed until the investigation is finished. That could be weeks.

There are now questions on what could have caused the boy to flip over the side.

The 10-year-old boy walked away with just scratches after he twisted and flipped over the side of the Emerald Plunge slide at the brand new The Wave water park.

“So it is disconcerting, to say the least, that this occurred,” Cal/OSHA spokeswoman Erika Monterroza said.

Cal/OSHA is leading the investigation into why the boy was ejected and landed on the concrete.

Monterroza tells KRON4 that reports indicating ponding are to blame as to why the boy hydroplaned are premature.

“We are definitely looking at the water levels at the bottom of that trough, as well as other aspects– the configuration of the slide itself, and of course, that was reviewed before the slide opened too,” Monterroza said.

The $43 million water park in Dublin had its grand opening on Saturday.

But before, the slide had to pass a series of strict tests. A report from a Cal/OSHA inspection in April showed the Plunge was in need of repair and lacking the required documentation.

The slide had 17 problems, including procedures for maintaining water quality, exposed bolts, and sharp fencing.

On Friday, Cal/OSHA did a follow-up inspection.

“And they completed that until punch list in order for the permit to be issued,” Monterroza said.

The only thing outstanding is park staff was not up to speed on daily inspections, including checking out equipment.

The Alameda County Fire Department would have to do that. The boy took his terrifying tumble 90 minutes after the park opened, raising questions as to if the slide was really ready for riders.

“Listen, that is part of what we are looking at,” Monterroza said. “We are looking into whether the inspection was up to par and whether corrections need to be made on our end as well.”

KRON4 did hear from the maker of the slide.

WhiteWater West said:

This is a popular type of body slide made by all the manufactures and fortunately these type of incidents are very rare, but of course we take it very seriously because safety (as our website says) is our top priority. We have a engineer on site working with the park assisting the investigation which has yet to be concluded, which is why we can only say what is italics above for now.

WhiteWater added:

“WhiteWater is aware of and responding to the recent incident on the Emerald Plunge slide at Wave Water Park in Dublin, California. We are thankful the 10-year old involved in the incident walked away without any serious injury. We are working closely with the team at Wave and both of their high speed slides have been shut down pending a full investigation from the WhiteWater team. At this time we cannot comment further as to the exact cause of the incident until the investigation, which has already started, is completed.”

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