Gary’s Word: Warriors are too good


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — If you were looking for a good competitive NBA championship series, you may be out of luck.

Sure, it’s only one game, but we may be looking at an all-time great team.

Yes, the Warriors just might match up with Bill Russell’s 1960 Boston Celtics, Magic and Abdul Jabbar’s 1980 Lakers and Jordans 1990’s Chicago Bulls.

When Klay Thompson only shoots 3 of 16 and Draymond Green is only 3-12, but you win by 22 points, that’s a powerhouse.

Durant and Curry, their resumes speak for themselves. Where they truly surprise casual fans is on the defensive end.

LeBron James was forced into 8 turnovers and after 17 points in the first half, Kyrie Irving scored only seven in the second.

While lacking the dominant big man of the before mentioned Celtics and Lakers, Golden State’s quickness to the ball may be only equaled by Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Dennis Rodman’s Bulls.

You can bet James won’t let Cleveland come out flat in Sunday’s Game 2, but for one night at least, it’s fun to think of the Warriors in terms of the best of all time.



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