VIDEO: Sacramento-area nacho cheese botulism victim speaks about her experience


SACRAMENTO (KRON) — With the recent outbreak of botulism at a Walnut Grove gas station, a 22-year-old survivor is speaking out about her experience with the disease.

Karina Uroza says her first symptom that she experienced last February was blurred vision.

By the next day, things escalated. Karina was losing her ability to walk or even talk.

It took a few days for doctors to diagnose her correctly.

She ended up staying in the ICU for three weeks and was forced to drop out of UC Davis for the semester.

“I thought, ‘Oh, they’re gonna give me an injection, and I’m gonna go home,'” Uroza said. “But they were like, ‘Oh no, we’re taking to ICU because this is serious.’ They told me it was about to take a year or so to recover.”

Karina recovered in about half of the usual time.

She was able to return to school and is graduating this year with a degree in psychology.

KTXL contributed to this report.



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