California lawmakers take first step to end Daylight saving time

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — California is one step closer to abolishing Daylight saving time.

On Thursday, the California house passed Assembly Bill 807 by a vote of 48-6.

The bill would repeal the state’s 67-year-old Daylight Saving Time Act, giving lawmakers the option to keep California on either standard time or daylight saving time year round. If it passes the Senate, the bill would become a ballot measure on the next statewide election, allowing voters to have the final say.

A similar bill failed to pass last year. Efforts in other states have also failed in recent years, with many lawmakers claiming keeping states on a single time year round would harm businesses.

Arizona and Hawaii are the only two states that currently do not observe daylight saving time.

The bill will now head to the senate for consideration.

Research shows that as our bodies adjust to the new schedule, the risk for a heart attack and stroke goes up in the first two days after daylight saving.

WCMH contributed to this report



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