Pothole repairs begin in San Francisco’s Richmond District


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Repairs began on potholes in San Francisco’s Richmond District on Friday.

For months, residents have been concerned with the growing number of potholes popping up in the neighborhood.

“I’ve heard for months that the state of our roads and the number of potholes were of concern to residents in my neighborhood,” Supervisor Sandra Lee Fewer said. “And as I am often on the back of my husband’s motorcycle, I have experienced every pothole firsthand. I am so appreciative for the partnership with Public Works and the support of Mayor Lee in addressing the state of our roads in District 1 and across the city. This is not only about smoother rides for drivers and those on public transit, but these repairs will also make it safer for pedestrians and bicyclists.”

A local supervisor launched a project recently that enlisted the help of the public to identify each and every pothole.

After weeks of input, public works crews are finally bringing out the repairs kits.

“Even though we’ve been faced with a record number of potholes this past rainy season, Public Works has worked hard keep up with the demand. But we have to remember that the better we keep our streets in good repair, the fewer potholes we’ll have in the first place,” Public Works Director Mohammed Nuru said. “The good news is that San Francisco voters, Mayor Lee and the Board of Supervisors have understood this and have made investments in paving, resulting in a measurable improvement of our roadway condition.”

In fact, there’s now a team dedicated to repairing the potholes in the Richmond District for the entire month of June.

“San Franciscans deserve streets and roads that are smooth, safe and easy to travel on,” Mayor Lee said. “We are investing $90 million in our capital budget for pothole repair, repaving, striping and other safety measures to improve the City’s roads. This will ensure that public infrastructure is kept in a state of good repair which will have lasting impact for current residents and for generations to come.”



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