VIDEO: 6-month anniversary of deadly Oakland Ghost Ship warehouse fire

OAKLAND (KRON) — Friday night marks the six-month anniversary of the deadly Ghost Ship warehouse fire that claimed 36 lives.

Since that Dec. 2 tragedy, families of the victims filed a lawsuit. They’re blaming the City of Oakland and PG&E among others for the tragedy.

Six months since the deadly flames ripped through the warehouse, people continue to lay down flowers and candles at a memorial in front of the Ghost Ship.

Thirty-six people were killed inside during a music event. Investigators suspect a fast-moving fire may have been sparked by an electrical problem, although a cause was never determined.

On Friday night, Oakland council member Noel Gallo paid a visit to share his condolences.

He acknowledged the consolidated civil lawsuit victims’ families have launched against more than a dozen people and businesses, including the city, property owner, and the latest defendant–utility company PG&E.

He says this disaster served as an unfortunate wake-up call for the city, tenants, and landlords. And it is not just here, but throughout the country to make sure structures are up to code.

Oakland has since hired more fire inspectors to do their part but believes those in charge of the property are to blame.

“Because we have a good number of properties that we have discovered since the Ghost Ship fire that were in similar conditions,” Gallo said. “But at the end of the day, the owners of this property clearly know the regulations. And they clearly know what their responsibilities are and they failed to take action.”

Although it’s been half a year, the tragedy is still fresh in the minds of many across the Bay Area who lost a loved one to the fire.



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